Live2D custom model pricing

If you want a custom model ready to use for facerig, using live2D here is our pricing

Examples of the work : 

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have my model as .psd can i have a discount?

If you provide us your model into a psd the price is the same because we have to make separated layers with a very specific naming and organization to be importable into live2D modeler. And this is the most important and difficult work.

How i can paid and did you need a down payment?

We work with Paypal or bank tranfer, we didnt accept down payment for 2D model. The purchase enable the order and we directly start the work according to your specification. We make the delivery after customer approval only.

Can i use leap motion controller on 2D model?

No, leap motion controllers only works for 3D models

What is the average deadline?

A 2D model creation could take around 10 days with customer feedback.

Did you accept feedback and retouch ?

Yes its included on the price, as we make delivery after customer approval only.

Can i have a discount if i promote you on my channel?

We already work with Youtuber and streamers with more than 500 000 followers and we have enough visibility & order so we cannot apply discount. Our current price are fair according to the work needed and our experience.
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Samples of 2D model work :

only the work from customer who allow us to publish here 

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