We create your own Animaze custom model 2D or 3D

We create your avatar ready to use with face tracking for Facerig software.

We are proud to be the 1st professional service in Europe for 2D and 3D model creation with rigging & animation feature



The process is very simple, we got 100% satisfied customer satisfaction

2D and 3D request

Send us your idea, pictures, information about the model you want. We need the most information as possible

Creation and avatar validation

We create your custom facerig character then we validate your model together. You received images and video for each step of the creation

Facerig importation

The model is very easy to instal and he is ready to use. All features of calibration and seetings are compatible with Facerig

3D avatar model creation

3D models are very impressive on Facerig, it can be realistic, comic or manga style. We can modelize from scratch or use a 3D model you already have.

The price is more expensive than Live 2D model but animations are better. Our 3D models are suitable with leap motion controllers and we also can create props for your avatar. 

Live 2D avatar model creation

2D models are faster to produce and we can use any photoshop design. Animations are especially great on manga or mascot model but not for realistic models. 

We can add extra animation and feature to your model if you want to moove arms, moove props or change element colors. 

Animaze custom service team

we are 2 professional graphic artist working since 2015 on Facerig and Live2D

Anthony, manager & Live2D expert
Work as professional graphic artist since 2013 especially on 2D and 3D animation for worldwide companies. Freelancer website available here

Woradon, 3D Facerig expert
Professional technical artist for video game industry. 3Dmodeling, texturing, shader, optimization and rendering expert. Artstation profil available here