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We create your own facerig custom model 2D or 3D

Facerig avatar creation Steps Ready to use in Facerig

Step 1

Step 1

Send us your idea, pictures, infos about the model you want.

Step 2

Step 2

We create your custom facerig character then we validate your model together.

Step 3

Step 3

Import your custom model in Facerig and start tracking now.

What are the differences between 2D & 3D models we offer :

Anthony, Facerig graphic artist

Facerig is normally made to manage 3D models, we can modelize and prepare your 3D models for Facerig with face-tracking ready. 3D realization costs more and is longer than the 2D realization option. But the rendering is more realistic and complete. This is a good deal if you are looking for realism & high level of details.

The 2D realization option with the Live2D plugin, is faster and cheaper to achieve. The result is very interisting in some cases of mascot or manga. This is a good deal if you are not looking for realism.

You have the choice and yous will in any case 100% satisfied.


Starting at $390 for 2D

Starting at $900 for 3D

  • Creation from pictures or original creation (with sketches and proposals)
  • Realization of a character or a mascot (All types: mascots, animals, realistic, cartoon, etc ...)
  • Creating Facial Expression (Head movement on the x, y, z axis, breathing, eyes, pupils, eyebrows)
  • Oral expressions (a, e, i, o, u) sync with tracking facerig
  • Extra: Special movements (Check, High Five, etc)
  • Manual installation, support on Skype and Teamspeak
  • 100% Facerig compatible
  • Deliverable within 7 working days for a 2D model & 1 month for a 3D model
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Starting at $390

Follow-up and validation of each step with the customer

OUR PREVIOUS WORKS : Animals, Human, Comics Live2D custom avatars



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I ordered 2 characters and i'm very satisfied with the results, the contact is fast with Skype and i was able to launch my new Twitch channel.

Dany .K
Twitch Streamer

My company create event animation for professional and we use Facerig to broadcast mascot on giant screen. The result is fantastic and our customers love it !

Sephrano .M

I'm huge manga fan and i asked for a character corresponding to the drawings and image i provided. The results are perfect and i find that the tracking of the face is better than 3D characters !

Sonia .C
Manga Fan